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Porno Bites Erotica the home of free sex stories, sex pictures. You can browse thousands of sex stories (i mean erotic story), free sex pics and leave comment. You can also get porn on your mobile without installation.A mining expedition in the South American jungle: Edward Mac Kensie, jealous of his business partner’s lover and wanting to keep the expedition’s riches for himself, engineers an “accident” that kills the partner and his lover.

Despite (or perhaps because) of his wealth and success, Mac Kensie finds himself bored with life, in particular, his sex life.

He pays the office boy and secretary to have sex in front of him, and then cruelly mocks them when they do not perform to his expectations.

He searches for hookers who might better understand his peculiar “tastes,” which center on sadistic forms of torture and humiliation, and longs for the Victorian era for the fabled abandon of its sexual underground.

“Now there was an era,” he laments to himself, “when a woman like Mrs.

Berkeley would earn a thousand pounds for inventing a whipping horse on which a pretty girl could be postured in a thousand different lascivious ways for the lash.” After another humiliating failure with a prostitute, Mac Kensie meets the mysterious Carlos Sathanas, a worldly, rich sophisticate.

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