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This past summer, Lanre-Amos lived with Gawlik’s family in Frankfurt, Germany while working at a lab. “Either people are in a couple where they’re basically married and spend all their time together, or they’re just hooking up.” Mac Laughlin’s sentiment is echoed by many.

Her trip included a two-week stint with his parents even before Gawlik arrived home. It even may seem, to the casual observer, as though committed relationships are flourishing at our stereotyped emotional-freeze of a college. Answer: A Harvard love scene that seems practically non-existent. “Harvard love life seems to be limited to the one-night hook up or the really serious relationship, and there’s no real room for the ‘I like you, let’s go have dinner and see how that works’ interaction,” says Diana E. Solomon has a special rooming situation in Cabot House­—she shares a “fairly large crowded double” with her boyfriend, Matthew T.

SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED It’s common to hear stories of young Harvard couples such as Gawlik and Lanre-Amos eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the same dining hall. Valji ’08 (“We did some negotiation with our house master,” Solomon says).

But she feels that her own dating experience at Harvard has been drastically different from those of her friends.

While Solomon has been in a happy relationship for her four years at school, she believes that most people at Harvard are dissatisfied with their experiences here.

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