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Second only to Nicaragua, Honduras is the largest country in Central America, and yet, with a mere five million inhabitants, it is also the least densely populated area on the continent.

The massive stretches of untouched, uninhabited and unexplored territory result in many visitors touring Honduras to consider it Central Americaâ??

s best kept secret - that with its diversity of landscape, natural wonder and climate, the country warrants far greater recognition than it currently receives, and until it does, this magnificent tour destination and its wealth of alluring features will remain hidden to all but a select few.

As a result, not only does a tour promise a wide choice of scenery, but it also means that travellers can vacation in the climate of their preference; sun-worshippers, for example, can bask in the Honduras warmth regardless of season, and with the choice of lazing near the lapping waters of the Caribbean Sea on the east coast, or reclining at the edge of the great blue of the Pacific Ocean on the west, any beach-enthusiast will find touring here the perfect holiday.

The palm-covered and bird-filled cliffs above the beach where we had lunch were so dramatic, idyllic, and beautiful, I thought I was in some well-publicized tropical paradise (think Hawaii)..that's Honduras for you...surprising you with it's one-of-a-kind beauty.

Then had a very nice swim, a delicious lunch of fresh fish and plantains. The same bay in a more travelled and moneyed Caribbean country would be full of million-dollar yachts, spoiling the view.

We took the tour with Garifuna Tours, the guide Mark knew all the informacion about the NP. Beautiful secluded beaches, lunch on the beach with coconuts and cervezas, howler monkeys in the trees, golden orb spiders, interesting vegetation and a nice hike. We had a great hike through the national park with a very knowledgeable guide, saw lots of monkeys in the trees. Hammocks tied along the beach area made it so awesome! The small, hidden bays of Punta Sal are perfect anchorages, but are completely free of boats and tourists.

I could not believe such beauty :) I recommend 100% this place, I went with my family last month. We were picked up by boat near our hotel on the coast, cruised over to Punta Sal. It's a gorgeous area and very few people and other boats were there. See an incredibly beautiful and seemingly untouched corner of one of the most beautiful countries in Central America, with Howler monkeys and other natural wonders of the jungle.

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