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Or The HREF value is your external (Internet) IP for a WAN ONLY website The port number (Eg :1234) is the port you will allocate in VLC Streaming settings window. Create a links in a web page that point to the above files.

When the link is activated, a pop out player will stream.

Or Eg Embed the stream on a page by the following in html To resize the video on the web page. Now get a friend/other to test out the WAN links from another external location.

Select Source, Capture device for this example (and any necessary additional settings) Check play locally box Check or select/add http box LEAVE the ADDRESS FIELD BLANK!! It also does not need or employ any Java on the client or server machine. I have successfully used this method of serving from MS Windows XPpro IIS 5.1 and Apache 2.2 and also Linux Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Apache 2.2 How much bandwidth do I need for a given size of video stream? It depends on how good the encoding/compression is and other factors like the amount of dynamic activity there is going on. “Pixel noise” generated by the camera and capture hardware can have an effect as well.

Change the port number to 1234 (for this example) Select “Windows asf/wmv” in the Custom dropdown selection box You may need to alter the TTL value to allow more buffering, a value of 0 or 1 should be OK (no more than 12 should be necessary) as this increases delay from live Then select Next and/or Stream VLC should open with a local display stream, which should display the stream and an overlay text displaying “streaming” for a few seconds. All it requires is the ability of a browser and its associated media player to be able to display the now universal ”.asf” stream which most can. An empirical method to determine this would be to run a test video across a LAN using the hardware and software and employing a network analyser to measure the bandwidth used.

Following on from Note 1, The overall system capability will also determine how effectively the video stream can be encoded, compressed and streamed. As a minimum The method above will just about work with a video size of 384x288 streamed from VLC using a totally dedicated server at 800MHz cpu + 512 MB RAM with good hardware in good light.

The following “How To” describes an easy method of using VLC as a simple video streamer to enable a live video stream (Eg web-cam) via VLC to be streamed from a web server across a local LAN or the Internet.

This method does also work for streaming files and other media, CD, DVD Etc Using this method of streaming from VLC allows the stream to be viewed from many media player clients other than VLC, which is often the case The content and description is aimed at those who only have an elementary knowledge of VLC, Networking, and Web authoring / HTML.

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