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In the page, you can select a record, edit it, and then save it to the database. Execute Reader(); bool firstrow = true; while (dreader.

When you are done, your page will look something like the following: The walkthrough will illustrate a number of concepts: To access the data, you will need a connection to the database you want to read from.

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Html code for updating dates

(The data commands can reference a stored procedure instead of SQL statements, but in this walkthrough you will use statements.) To begin, add a connection that points to the database you want to read from. After // that, the list is already in the drop-down list and is // preserved in view state.

To create the data connection You have finished adding data components to the page.

In the page, you will need a drop-down list to allow users to select a category ID, some text boxes to display and edit data with, and a button to save changes.

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The Web Forms data-binding architecture allows you to bind control properties to a data source, making it easy to display data on the page. When the user selects one — that is, when the control's Selected Index Changed event is raised — you want to display the corresponding record.

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