Id wechat girl

My wechat account (tiffanyyongwt) was hijacked a week ago and I have been trying all sorts of methods to contact the wechat support group to no avail.

Id wechat girl-55

Well, as I don’t log in and out of my social media accounts often, I started trying to log in via my email and facebook, and realised that they sent me into a brand new account!

I tried setting my usual ID: tiffanyyongwt and realised it was taken.

When I search for that ID, I found out that it was taken over by someone else, with my status and ID still the same.

This means my identity on wechat has been taken over by someone else!

Friends from China who are still in contact with me via weibo told me that the “hacker” sound like a young girl from Malaysia, and couldn’t really understand English.

Last modified 11-Sep-2016 13:55