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Building Anti-Racist GSAs (2007) Multi-issue organizing is a strong and powerful way to incorporate all aspects of a community and the people it is made up of.

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There are a number of reasons why students of color may not be as actively involved with GSAs as white students.

GSA organizers from around the Bay Area came up with these ideas about why many GSAs are disproportionately white: * Tokenization: If a GSA is already mostly or all white, students may feel that being the only person of color at meetings would put pressure on them to educate the rest of the club about diversity or racism.* Language barriers: Especially if your school has a large population of students who do not speak English as a primary language, creating all of the GSA's flyers and materials in English may send a message that the club would not be a comfortable place for some students.* Cultural barriers: Sexual orientation and homophobia are understood and acknowledged differently by different cultures.

Many organizations that deal with LGBTQ issues are ethnocentric and fail to recognize that sexual orientation and homophobia may have different associations and implications for people with different backgrounds.* Prioritizing Identities: Many LGBTQ youth of color have described the alientating experience of having to choose one identity over another.

For example, if they've been part of a racial/ethnic club at school they feel forced to hide their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Conversely, if they've attended the GSA, they've felt forced to ignore or downplay their racial/ethnic identity. Workshop Examples: Eating Your Own: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly side of doing anti-racism work in LGBT organizations: When working in an LGBT Organization that is historically serving white constituents what is the impact of the implementation of anti-racist initiatives?

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