updating election polls - Invalidating your own signature

Someone once told me that if you put the letters UD next to your signature it means "under duress".While I don't really believe many of the things this person says, it did stir up some interesting questions...If you are being told to sign something you do not want to sign (like say a traffic ticket, or maybe disciplinary document at work) is there anyway to invalidate your signature?

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But I'm interested in if/how someone could invalidate their own signature.

LLH Duress means that you are being forced to participate in some illegal activity against your will.

When you are signing a parking ticket or a disciplinary document at work you are only signing to acknowledge receipt of the document.

You aren't signing as a statment that you agree or disagree with anything written on it and accepting such a document from another person certianly isn't illegal so claiming that you are sigining it under duress is a stretch.

Now if a cop showed up at your door and had a statement saying that you witnessed a crime taking place that you were unaware of and they threatened that you had to sign it or they'd do something to cause you problems you'd be under true duress.

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