Is chilli still dating ben

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On election night in 2008, I was in DC, working late at my first post-college “real” job editing press releases for run-of-the-mill government clients.

With the race up in the air, I had prepped two different versions of the same release -- one that heralded in the historic event of an Obama presidency, and the other that glumly announced the dawn of an alternate universe where Mc Cain & Palin won the White House.

I stayed at the desk until the odds had mounted so convincingly in Obama’s favor that the higher-ups decided to call it a night, even while swing states like Virginia hung in the balance.

Straight from the office, I headed to Ben’s Chili Bowl.

As anyone from DC will tell you, Ben’s is a District institution, and has been pretty much since Trinidadian-born Ben Ali opened it in 1958.

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