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There were die hard fans there some holding 15 pairs in their arms.

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The compact sedan From $17,895Starting MSRP of $17,895 for a 2017 Volkswagen Jetta S 1.4L TSI® with 5-speed manual transmission.

Prices exclude transportation, taxes, title, other options and dealer charges.

Dealer sets actual price."}]' The sleek sports coupe From $34,475Starting MSRP of $34,475 for a 2016 Volkswagen CC Sport 2.0L TSI® with 6-speed automatic transmission.

Ask a local where the Kino factory is and they will direct you.

I just received them in the mail along with an additional pair in a brand new color. What a sweet guy to go above and beyond to make my experience so awesome. There is a little sign to direct you but it is down an alley in a shopping plaza you would not find by accident.

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