Lesbian dating agency united kingdom

Hey guys I think you understand nothing about Romance Compass. I am in Kiev and had to go through bad experience from two girls asking me to come. You talk to a middle-woman and yes they can change profile and ID then, I had one who was Doctor, she disappeared after I contacted her and came back with other name and as beautician.

One run away after telling her my air-ticket was booked and the other did not show up at the airport like understood. Maybe some girls are real but completely manipulated by agencies and Romance Compass seems to enjoy pumping the money.

Right now I am in Kiev and can tell you a lot about!!

I saw there advertisement on Facebook and I looked around on there site which looks very professional. As a matter of fact, are any of these marriage sites worth trying or are they all bogus?

I have a feeling the models on the site are there just to get us guys to sign up and string us along for as long as possible until we get fed up and move on. I have tried similar sites with negative results and a lighter pocket book. They will tell you anything to get you to send gifts to them.

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