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North Branch Works (NBW) is the leading community development organization in the North Branch and Addison Industrial Corridors.

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We achieve our mission by training disadvantaged unemployed and underemployed workers, enabling them to acquire marketable job skills and the opportunity to get local jobs with good wages.

Yarn Therapy offers a unique and growing selection of yarns for the steadfast knitter and crochet enthusiast alike. We will have a beautiful finished object back to you before you know it.

A welcoming feel complete with a variety of quality yarns reasonably priced allows you to keep knitting to your heart’s content.

Come, drink in the colors and squeeze the skeins while you gather energy and ideas for your next project. Yarn Therapy offers classes, kits, accessories, notions and patterns in the comfy space Marianne has created for knitters to sit, knit and share ideas. Our “research & development” and library area provides a space where you can browse the internet for the perfect pattern for that beautiful yarn you fell in love with. Shari Hill provides blocking and finishing services!

Done with the knitting and don’t want to do the seaming?

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