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Quick Facts All About Mike Catherwood Mike Catherwood's story could have been a lot different than it is today, and that's because he became heavily involved with drugs and alcohol beginning when he was a teenager.The list of substances that he used was a long one and included alcohol, ecstasy, LSD, anabolic steroids, methamphetamine, and cocaine.During this time his addictions caused him to drop out of university, and after an attempt at a career with a heavy metal band, Catherwood realized that he needed help.

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After getting clean, Catherwood turned to both personal fitness and training as well as radio work, and he has been quite successful in both areas.

He's been certified as a personal trainer and enjoys amateur bodybuilding.

Career-wise, he is both a popular on-air radio personality (going by the moniker "Psycho Mike") and radio producer.

producers are already trying to get him to take his shirt off for the show."The idea's come up but I've strictly denied it, so we'll see," he says.

"I say absolutely no way no how now, but let's see when I'm in the bottom vote.

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