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I admit, there are times, even though they are both much happier than they were while married, that I secretly judge them for divorcing. I don’t care if she is an impossible nag, or won’t put out, or calls him names. I understand the need the people have to justify whatever fucked-up situation they are in.

There is absolutely NO GOOD REASON TO HIT YOUR SPOUSE. I know because I myself was a domestic-violence apologist and a victim-blamer.

Now I can’t get into the psychology of why Penelope Trunk not only allows herself to be abused but also defends her abuser, assigns the blame for the abuse on herself and subsequently slams anyone that chooses to leave their abuser.

I’m sure it has something to do with her childhood of heartbreaking, breathtaking sexual abuse. Unlike some of the other stories, this one has a “happy” ending.

However, the fact remains that it is 100% OK to divorce an abusive spouse. Get your minds out of the proverbial gutter folks, not THAT kind of happy ending! I should have known I was in for a Bad Date Chronicles kind of evening when his first email in response to mine talked about the favorable proximity of his residence in relation to the club we would be seeing the show at as well as the status of the bar in his living room (fully stocked, including absinthe no less).

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