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weird: I've never heard of anyone pre-paying residential rent.

We can arrange the details if everything else works. There's a discrepancy around "arriving assoon as this transaction is through" and "i will be staying for 16weeks starting from july". I have one of my uncle who was oweing my dad $7,500pounds before he passed away. One result: Virago Star Owners Club - VSOC News - Scams - Beware. The victim deposits it, it appears in the victim's account whereupon they're pressured into providing the difference. Anyway, let's see if I can speak direct to "uncle": What kind of number is that? (Ironically, I've written a page, how to write a phone number). I'm going to try something similar, have Dear Bayo - This is great, looking forward to it!

Cheers, Paul (07814 728381) Dear paul, i got your mail,i amin the usa right now and i am coming over there to school.i will be arriving assoon as this transaction is through if i caome now i will not havea place to stay before you hand overthe keys to me so i will like you help me through out this time please. I do his math for him, and solicit some feedback on the webpage. It would be one month's deposit = 720pounds + one month's rent up front. I will instruct him to make out a check to you in that amount and as soon as it clears in your bank you can now deduct your money from it and send my balance via western union international transfer. Spoke with him and we're going to need your help for the transfer.

Paul Makepeace wrote: What is the earliest you are looking to move in? (rent (650) + bills (70) = 720) It might be easiest to call me - 011 44 7814 728381 Paul Dear Paul, Thanks for your concern,i appreciate your mail the price is okay for me i really love the place, i am a student,i will not be able to come and view the place since i am not in uk so i will like you to do everything under your control so as to help me secure this place cos i really like it and i will want you to know that i will be staying for 4months starting from july. Although the value of the check is more than the money for the rental duration. My bank is going to charge me $25 to accept the cheque.

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