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I was very nervous and told him I would need time to sort something out.

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I contacted Be2 to let them know and they were appreciative of the information as they review their system on a daily basis and remove any scam profiles. and received a response from a 26yr woman from Manchester and I found that it had been reported on this website in July of this year. I am also a very clean person that loves cleaning but not a neat freak, but i would make sure at all times the house is in a good shape.

Hello there, I am sending through an email chain that I received via an ad I placed on the student rent website (studentrent. I saw your posting online concerning the room for rent, and I would appreciate it if i can rent the room from you. I have been told I am friendly and easy to get along with. I just completed my BSC at University of Manchester.

I don't do drugs nor smoke, drinks on social basis and more in between an introvert and extrovert. I like watching soap operas, swimming, and i play the guitar and paint wonderfully. I am a young christian female, friendly, honest, and easy to get along with.

Earlier this year I joined an internet dating site in the hope, that I might meet someone special.

As it happens I did meet a man who ticked a lot of the boxes, he was attractive, articulate, charming and very attentive (he would email me nearly every day).

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