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Or maybe the person lied about something in their profile. Plus, even if someone isn't lying in their profile, people aren't the sum of their favorite books, movies and music, so there's only so much one can glean from such limited data.

Someone might claim they're 6 feet tall when they're 5 foot 6 or that they're avid rock climbers when they haven't scaled a wall since college. But since it's natural for online daters to read between the lines and assign additional characteristics to prospective partners, the "real" person that meets them on that first coffee or movie date may not live up to their expectations, particularly if they've had too much time to craft a "dream" version of the person.

That said, Ramirez cautioned against considering this "tipping point" a hard and fast guideline.

simple and finite -- they're complicated and constantly changing, especially when you factor in online dating.

Now, a new study has unearthed yet another thing you could be getting wrong: Online daters can doom themselves to disappointment if they wait too long to meet prospective partners in person.

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