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I am an IT professional and in need of a Registry location for the setting of: "import photos and videos" for a camera on a PC using Win7.

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I have my own security video system in my home made from 3 Wi Fi cameras that I have outside the house. I have a Sony camcorder (digital video camera) DCR-DVD106E.

The camcorder works with mini CD's from Sony (I found the CD's in the package I have bought so it seems they are original). I bought online an IP camera like the one in this link.

I have tested the camera and its functionalities (email sending, motion detection) via the P2PWIFICAM app which can be downloaded from Play ...

I am selecting options for a Lenovo laptop, and under the CAMERA section, it gives two options: "0.3MP webcam with MIC" Or "720p HD Camera with MIC" What is the difference b/w the two? I have a Canon eos D30 digital camera that there are no Windows 7 drivers for, so i cannot connect it to my laptop.

Canon are not even thinking about making any drivers and are never going to be. I've just purchased a cheap surveillance camera for my apartment.

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