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From the camping trip in the backyard to the family barbecue on the Fourth of July – it never fails – the presence of that pesky, uninvited guest that always seems to find a way to interrupt your summertime fun.Mosquitoes fly about looking for humans and other critters to feed on, as they require a blood meal in order to complete their life cycle and produce eggs, which is why it doesn’t hurt to become familiar with a couple of home remedies for mosquito bites.

Sometimes we feel it and other times, we don’t even know that we’ve been bitten until a welt on the skin is spotted.

Most species of mosquitoes wait until dawn or dusk to feed [1].

On hot days, the majority of mosquitoes are in hiding – taking a rest in a cool place.

When it comes to mosquito bites, a handful of reactions can take place with symptoms that eventually change with time.

Some people experience immediate swelling, while others exhibit a delayed response.

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