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Facebook users were shaken on July 5 when thousands of women from Russia and Ukraine shared their stories about sexual violence on the social network.To talk about the violence that most of us have experienced.

Hundreds of Ukrainian women (many of them for the first time) publicly confessed to what had happened to them. “In the stairwell, he pushed me against the wall, pulled out a large kitchen knife, pointed it to my stomach and told me to undress. I was very afraid of losing my child and took off my jacket.

"When I was 19, I was raped by a friend of my friend's family," wrote Facebook user Julia Lapitskii. He pulled out his member..." These stories feature teachers, friends of parents, coaches, friends and fellow students.

"I can't talk about the details, but I will never forget his face over me. Not every story ended in physical violence, some women got off with nothing more than a fright or admitted that they did not understand the full horror of what was happening, and this did not spoil their lives.

[...] I am very proud of everyone who speaks of it now. I was silent about this for so long." "It was summer, the middle of a bright day," wrote Alyona Vladimirskaya, the founder of the recruiting agency Pruffi. Many were not believed by anybody, even by their nearest: "I was accused of lies," said one, while another recalled that her "parents pushed my story into the most distant, most obscure memory compartment and never, never recall this." Men reacted explosively.

First there was shock, "God, I would never have thought that there are so many bastards in the world!

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