100 free chatting adult xxx - Russian orthodox dating rules and marriage

So, the most important ingredient of true love is this spiritual oneness.What most often happens, however, is this: the spiritual attraction of love is completely overlooked or ignored by two people contemplating marriage.They experience a physical and mental attraction and they get married.

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Our society completely ignores the spiritual side of love, and is hostile even to the importance of a mental compatibility between a man and a woman; but the physical, the sexual - that's another matter: that is one aspect of love that our society exalts above all others.

You have only to walk into a bookstore and count the number of sex manuals to get the point.

Orthodoxy, on the other hand, seeks to keep all three ingredients in a state of harmony, but the spiritual aspect governing the other two.

Alexey Young (continued from previous issue) The Orthodox Christian Home What is an Orthodox Christian home?

To answer this question we must go back to square one and talk about the three main ingredients of true love.

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