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In my training, I took him out into the field (to a couple clubs), and it took me a little while to figure out what his challenge was, but then I saw it - plain as day.

So what I did with Craig was to pinpoint just a few target areas (we started with just two, so he wouldn't feel too overwhelmed.) We made some small improvements on each.

First of all, Craig was wearing polo shirts that were tucked in all the time, with a pair of old running shoes.

(This is not good fashion.) So we went to a few good men's clothing stores and got him a quick upgrade to his wardrobe. Craig was asking a lot of plain questions about the dull facts of the women he was meeting, instead of getting them involved emotionally with him right off the bat.

Dear Friend, I have three programs I'm going to give you today at no charge. But before you rush down the page to get them, I have something important to tell you... About 5% of guys will get to sleep with about 95% of the women out there.

Most guys - the other 95% - will only sleep with about an average of 4 women before they get married.

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