Reallifecam adulte - Sedating your baby for flight

I am on a chat board, which at one point was a wedding-based board and has since moved onto become a general interest site, filled with many of those women who were once planning their weddings who have long since gone on to have children. The usual suspects are the circumcision and vaccination debates, but the topic of drugging your child on a plane rears its head every once in a while and it's always a doozy when it does. K.-based publication)'s chat forum, someone posted an article written by a U. blogger who admitted she gave her daughter a sedative on a cross-Atlantic flight, just to get some peace and quiet.

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I gathered this from a number of comments that were variations on this one poster's comment that "Before I go and read the article.... I'll go ahead and assume it was Gravol or Benadryl. I didn't do it so that I didn't annoy people on the plane and I didn't do it for my comfort (well, maybe for my comfort a little).

I did it because altitudes can wreak havoc on my ears, let alone on my child's ears and given how uncomfortable and antsy she is in a car, I knew the plane would be a disaster, and it was.

Of course, in my case it turned out that the warning that some kids have the opposite reaction that's intended and can end up hyper was true for us. But I personally don't think that giving her a (small) dose of a children's medication to make her more comfortable at high altitudes makes me some terrible parent worthy of ire.

I’d like to share with you my recent experience of getting my toddler to sleep on a longhaul flight.

Whilst the use of medicine to sedate kids on planes can be controversial and is up to personal opinion, I’d just like to share my recent experience and hope it can help. I have never been averse to doling out a bit of Calpol here and there to try and help bring on my kids’ tiredness.

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