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By Danielle Krebsbach, Intern As we are nearing the end of the cataloging process it is getting easier to look at the entire collection and group the shoes into categories.

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Donor numbers were used from 1979 to about 1990 in a system where an individual who donated to the historical society was assigned a number and those numbers and names were kept in a book.given a number which is determined by the year it was donated, the order of donations that year, and the individual number of the object in the donation.

Objects used to be identified by the year of donation, the person who gave the donation, and the individual number of the object in the donation.

With just the donor number I was able to find the names of two donors who supposedly donated shoes.

I decided to first try and find the context for these shoes before cataloging others because it is better to have as much background information as possible before making a final record and I also enjoy a good historical hunt.

I first looked up the names in our digital data base in case other items of the same donation had already been cataloged, but the query found no matches.

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