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poor kid, God Bless it and it looks just like her too poor kid. Buhahahaha bye Tina should spend some of Alroldis's money on a nose job, do something about that DEEP ass voice and hire a wardrobe stylist. He had a baby w a escort hahahha i bet when they be fu*kin he puts a gag in her mouth so he don't feel like he w a man sooo gross. You all must love Cristina so much or hate her so much to be here wasting your time and writing all this crap if you really know her you will know none of this is true! So honey, I'm sorry to burst your bubble of "fame" with your fake followers on IG and telling you: ( I know for a fact she follows this thread ) you're nothing more than the escort of a talented baseball player, that can give you all the material things in the world, including that ring you try to show off on every photo, the cars that are not yours, the house that he didn't buy for you, among others; but none of that will ever make you happy.

There's a lot to be said about a woman who's an escort who stays with a man knowing that he constantly cheats on her lol gold digger by every definition. Everyone is talking about it, but what can you expect from someone who had a baby for the money. he deleted all the pics on ig of that escort christina bc hes ashamed of her and the news found out she is a hooker. She has made everyone around her a character on this fairy tale story she's trying to create, but she should know that fairy tales where the princess role is played by a ***** don't exist.

She still escorts to this day, she was with athletes in Colorado and Miami (where the escort agency was based). Es ajeno y cuando tu carnaval pase el se va con otra ! This hood rat, wh0r3 her way out of poverty, and that will last her until Chapman moves on to the next.

Ni siquiera el mulatom se quiere casar contigo cuando se canse de ti busca otra Porq tú eres un cuervo con tu familia vividores When you sell your story to the press make sure you investigate Tina as an escort. Chusmas de Vzla ella se cree que nadie sabe sus millas plsssss que mujer más fake y sus amigas una peor que otra Ella postea fotos como que el dinero es de ella no niña despierta no es tuyo ! Christina got pregnant on purpose when she found out he had gotten another girl pregnant.a baby doesnt tie a man down. If y'all see a photo of the real Cristina and you see one from now, you will come to realize people like her are the reason why plastic surgeons make so much money.

Siempre estarías de escort y trabajando en for ever 21 Ridicula deja de poner tantas fotos que ya cansas omg .... but mainly he just more gross latinas that he can fly into different citites to have sex with. just to get to ride in nice cars and have a few designer purses. Esa Cristina parece un travesti no sé que él la ve pobre hombre esta bandidita lo que quiere es su Money y la familia de ella también ... One for his side pieces and the other for business and fam. Her taste in men has changed drastically, but I guess the richer the better to her greedy eyes.

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