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This article presents recent European Union (EU) employment statistics, including an analysis based on socioeconomic dimensions: employment statistics show significant differences by sex, age and educational level attained.

In 2014, the EU-28 employment rate for persons aged 15 to 64, as measured by the EU’s labour force survey (EU LFS), stood at 64.9 %.

The EU-28 employment rate peaked in 2008 at 65.7 % and decreased during successive years to stand at 64.1 % in 2010.

This decrease during the global financial and economic crisis — a total fall of 1.6 percentage points — was followed by a period of stability between 20 when the EU-28 employment rate was 64.1 % or 64.2 %.

In 2014, the employment rate returned to the upward path observed prior to the crisis, increasing by 0.8 percentage points compared with 2013 to reach 64.9 % — see Table 1.

Among the EU Member States, employment rates in 2014 reached highs in the range of 71 % to 74 % in Austria, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany, peaking at 74.9 % in Sweden.

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