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Ask anyone if MSG is dangerous, and you’ll get a myriad of responses.Some of the more scientifically-minded among us will scoff at the notion that MSG is dangerous or poses real health risks.

And, if you are like me, what scientific research do you use to convince the doubters among your circle of family and friends?

The good news is the science proving MSG is dangerous is out there, and I’ve collected a lot of here for you.

Research on the dangers of MSG continues to mount, albeit slowly. That’s the only real way to do epidemiological research like this.

Some contend that funding for such projects is inevitably sparse. How do they know that what these people experienced was actually because of eating MSG? It’s true that when people self-report what they’re eating or how they’re feeling their own bias tends to get in the way. They make associations between what they ate and how they think they ought to feel.

After all, why would the food industry (which funds most of these sorts of research ventures) want to spend money proving the detrimental effects of one of its chief money makers? But double blind studies on the effects of MSG have been done.

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