“To my knowledge, in recent memory I have not seen any complaints,” Bell said when asked if there have been any complaints that police are abusing the exemption.

The department has its own rules prohibiting police from having sex with prostitutes, but Bell wouldn’t comment on allegations those rules are flouted.


Xian said that while complaints can be filed against police officers, prostitutes are scared to do so because of possible retribution.

“And the only way you can verify it is by word—he said, she said,” Xian added.

“These investigations are not recorded, and they sued to be in order to safeguard against such violations.” State Rep.

Cops in Hawaii working prostitution busts can’t have sex with their targets anymore.

Police in The Aloha State signaled this week that they’re willing to drop their objections to nixing a bizarre exemption to state law that allows officers to have sex with prostitutes in the course of investigations.

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