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I hope that readers of this book will be inspired to dig deeper into the subjects of "behavioral economics" (and related subjects like "neuroeconomics") and to start asking hard questions about how we end up with the stuff we own, and what it costs our human brothers and sisters to make those goods, and why we think we need them. That's not always good (thugs, bullies, racists and loonies never had it so good), but it is fundamentally .

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Our rights, our good fortune, our happiness and all that is sweet was paid for, once upon a time, by principled people who risked everything to change the world for the better. You can buy it on CD, or you can buy the MP3 version from a variety of online booksellers.

Those risks are not diminished one iota by the net. I also sell it myself on my site Unfortunately, you can't buy this book from the world's most popular audiobook vendors: Apple's i Tunes and Amazon's Audible.

That's because neither store would allow me to sell the audiobook on terms that I believe are fair and just.

I reach behind and undo my bra and allow my breasts to fall freely into my hands, squeezing and kneading the soft fullness of them, feeling my nipples so taut and sensitive in the palms of my hands.

I lick my finger and circle each one, concentric circles working in towards the middle, so sensitive the slightest touch sends erotic signals to my clit which tightens in response.

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