Sexychat gr

This question is nice :)), just looking for "french fries" on a dating site !

But I've heard one too many times: Who are your favorite clients?

People seem to want exciting stories about weird and wonderful fetishes, about celebrities and politicians. The relationship between sex workers and clients fascinates us because it's taboo.

But sex work is work, and my favorite clients are like a writer's, or a plumber's: they're the ones who treat me with respect. As organizations like Amnesty International and the UN's World Health Organization have shown through their research, sex workers worldwide battle systemic violence and health risk, not because of what we do but because it's stigmatized and against the law.

Because sex work and the activities that make it safer are generally criminalized, we often can't expect support from police if we're assaulted or raped.

Black sex workers, trans women, immigrants and disabled people face higher risks, as do as sex-working parents and street-based sex workers.

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