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Plus, cowboys workout from sun-up to sun-down—building barns, mending fences and the like—which is why the obesity epidemic still hasn't hit this segment of the population. The only reason he comes inside each night is because I make him.

Myth: Cowboys like to work hard and play hard Reality: Cowboys like to work hard and work hard. For our upcoming honeymoon to New Zealand, he asked if he could pick up some work on a farm while we're there—you know, for fun.

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He eventually got rid of the machine gun, but I still have the dime as a token of our love.

Myth: Cowboys make better lovers Reality: Who would you rather do — the horse whisperer or Spencer Pratt? Also, (and this is just my crack theory) I'm convinced that working outside, surrounded by trees and birds and babbling brooks and sunshine while burning a kajillion calories an hour, has a calming effect on a man's libido.

Seems like every guy I dated in NYC had some degree of porn addiction — the result of sitting in front of a computer all day with pictures of illicit Chechnyn nymphets at their fingertips.

This past weekend, I came across news of a survey reporting that single women "overwhelmingly believe cowboys are better in bed than businessmen" and that of those single women surveyed, some 60% would rather live in a house in the country than a fancy condo in the city., but you tell me), the survey reminded me of my friend Jessie, a onetime New York City singleton and writer who, in a scenario straight out of a chick-lit novel, went on assignment to Montana, attended a rodeo, and came back with a real-live cowboy named Jake. After the jump, Jessie takes time out from freelance writing and hauling stuff around her garden in a John Deere to confirm and deny a few myths about horse-wrangling he-men.

(That's him, above.) I'd always been curious about Jessie's cowboy beau: Did he regularly smell of manure? A lot of city women fantasize about hooking up with a cowboy. After 15 years in Manhattan, I'd pretty much reached the conclusion that I didn't want to end up with a New York guy, and ended up looking beyond the tri-state area for husband material.

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