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Sentenced to seven years, he now lives in Algoa prison outside of Jefferson City, Missouri.

Mitchell wasn't a link in an international drug ring, just a kid who occasionally liked to get high on Missouri Mud, the marijuana that is grown all over the state.

In the summer of 1975, a neighborhood friend introduced Mitchell to a third party, to whom Jerry sold some locally grown weed.

If you are one of America's 16.2 million regular marijuana smokers, you probably are not fearful of going to prison for the rest of your life if you're caught.

However, smoking marijuana is still regarded as a serious felony in some states, and there are places in the country where, for possession or distribution of even a small amount of marijuana, you can land in jail with a stiff sentence. So even though most states have drastically reduced pot-related penalties, local police and prosecutors can still single you out for maximum sentences if they want to make an example of you.

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