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Sort of like an eccentric older brother or uncle I guess. This aided my development hugely and meant I learnt quickly as I went along.

I was forced to adapt and find a variety of ways on the go of how to get the best out of my classes and to further the learning of my class.

I found the students to be generally highly motivated, regardless of what level they were.

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I was always struck at how excited they were to learn from a native speaker and how highly they valued this as they sought to improve their language skills.

Time away from lessons was typically spent having relaxed conversations because they understand and valued the impact this could have on their ability.

As I said, I never saw myself as someone who was particularly interested by teaching.

What I have loved is being thrown headfirst into Khartoum; it really has been a thoroughly immersive experience.

Being exposed into a world so (wonderfully) different has been an eye opening, jaw dropping experience.

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