Sunfish sailboat dating

It is possible to see ocean sunfish in the wild, though, especially if you're out on a boat.

They are a frequent sighting on whale watches in the Gulf of Maine, for example.

If you're lucky enough to see an ocean sunfish in the wild, it may look like it's dead.

They may also use the warm, oxygen-rich surface water to recharge their oxygen stores.

And most interestingly, they may be at the surface to attract seabirds from above or fish from below to clean their skin of parasites.

Some sources suggest that the waving of the fin is what is used to attract the birds.

The largest ocean sunfish ever measured was over 10 feet across, and weighed close to 5,000 pounds.

On average, ocean sunfish weigh about 2,000 pounds. Bony fish have skeletons of bone, which distinguishes them from cartilaginous fish, whose skeletons are made of cartilage. It is Latin for millstone, which is a large, heavy round stone used to grind grain.

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