Texas dating violence policy

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This includes providing teacher and administrator training; school enforcement of emergency protective orders, which teens in Texas can now legally apply for on their own; and alternatives to protective orders.

In 2010, Break the Cycle – a legal resource for teen domestic violence victims – gave Texas a C on its State Law Report Card.

Recommendations for improvement included changing the law to allow teens to apply for "stay away" orders – as emergency protective orders are colloquially known – and to "allow minors to access all sensitive [i.e., contraceptive, abortion, and other medical] services without parental involvement." That first change has since been implemented; contraception and abortion remain, of course, thorny issues in Texas.

A conversation about teen dating violence is long overdue, according to the numbers.

Love Is Respect, an online resource for young people to learn about dating violence and to find help, reports that one in three teenagers will experience dating violence before they turn 20.

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