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Somebody please explain this game to me; it took 100 minutes to load onto my computer - and its not an old or small capacity PC - then I play it for more than half an hour or so and nothing has happened except that the hero has got a chronic heart condition and is in a school talking to a load of disabled pupils... The game comments are very discouraging as well; what IS this doing on this site? There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

Gloomy and boring; how much longer before something happens to break the montony? Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game.

You just click through endless dialogue boxes and very, very occasionally make some very mundane dialogue choice. Only got through 3 days, cool story that really shows people with handicaps continuing their lives, but I didn`t want to find out if there even is porn in this game since the girls are a little too young for me and handicapped, so I stopped playing. Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value.

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More thought provoking than just click and sex, yet quite in-depth with how you approach each girl and interact. when i came across this game on here, Play Force One of all places, I was expecting another `let`s fuck everything that moves` type of game. However that thought gladly disappeared the moment I opened up the exe. Now, the first, oh, 7 playthroughs, all i got was the incidental suicide, that was until i figured that the dialouge things i chose actually changed the way Act 1 played out. everything I try makes me end up with Hanako again. This game is a romantic novel with pitcures but anyway i love it 2)Later version probly added some sex scenes but i cant imagine a boy who can easyly be hearth attack how can he do sex with other girls.

kinda face-desked several times at how dumb i had been when i discovered this. The relationship development was amazing, and when the sex scene eventually did come around, it didn`t feel right to jerk off. The music`s amazing and the right music has been used in the right situations every time. First of all, this is not a sex game, at least not like the other games in the site. He be heart attack starting of game at a little roamantic moment First off this is a visual novel, if you are looking for a Mn F type game then don`t bother, you will just be disappointed.

fisrt girl I went with was, and is, my favourite one; Hanako. for such an novelistic(no idea if that`s actually a word or not) approach to a game, I was left wondering one thing: why the heck was this on Play Force One? There is some sex, but it`s not the point of the game. There is no hentai yet, but an 18+ version is coming, and based on the story so far will be very unique. this game is good for people that actually like a well developed story however its just a demo so no sex was kinda a let down but hopefully when the full game releases it will have some.

It`s a virtual novel, like a dating sim but without stats, and with a lot more emphasis on the story and characters, with the gameplay consisting of choosing some dialogue or action at certain times. Promise of Time Rin Tezuka =============== Option 01 = Yeah, of cource. For the people saying that they will wait for an online version, sorry but this game probably won`t have one.

With that said, it`s a great game and definitely worth the download. Option 02 = I think I got everything I need to know. Man I`m tempted to multiaccount to give this game multiple 100% ratings.

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