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Plus with Garmin now announcing the new HUD unit for around 130.00, it makes sense to investigate the models to get the best for your money.

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Maps are downloaded from the site and then installed on your GPS using Mapsource or Basecamp. A "City Navigator North America NT 2013.40" is 1.83GB. I had to delete all the voices I didn't use to make room, but my c580 map is now updated. As for my c340, there doesn't seem to be any reliable information on how to install a map in the internal memory.

So I have 2013.40 installed on the external memory card.

I'm using a Class 4 card so the map loads very quickly on boot.

Just bought a nice Garmin c580 with City Navigator North America NT 2008. I'm trying to figure out how much m it costs to update and if that's more expensive than buying a new unit...

I'm looking to see if updating the map makes sense, but when I go to the Garmin automotive map website all I see ifs a mostly blank page: Install/check Plugin.htm? I was told $80 and that's outrageous, I can buy an updated Tom Tom unit for less than that.

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