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Expert Dating Advice Funny My Space Pictures Funny Rants / Dirty Jokes Comedy Videos News Dating Advice Man Cartoons Twisted Humor Chats Games Comedy Shows Contact/Email Me Free Newsletter Links Dating Advice Videos Subscribe in a reader Professional Dating Advice Crazy T-Shirts 100% Free Dating Site Dating Advice Everyone knows that athletes are the most important members of society. I guess there's this sport called soccer that's really popular in other parts of the world. If they knew anything about REAL sports they'd watch grown men in face paint and spandex hit each other over the head with metal folding chairs! If that weren't true, why are they paid millions of dollars to run around having fun while you are hunched over a keyboard 40 hours a week in exchange for the amount of money they spend on cocaine -- I mean, donate to orphanages? So anyway this ex-Spice Girl is married to the best soccer player in the world. Tiger is teeing off on Elin Nordegren while the rest of us are begging girls who are double-bogie to let us sink our birdie in their hole-in-one. She's hot but c'mon, David Beckham has his choice of any girl on the planet.

Okay, 1st of all her husband is Mark Kotsay, a baseball player who isn't even all that good.

Okay, technically just by being a Major Leaguer he's one of the best in the world, but he's by no means a star.

Yet every night he gets to slide into HER home base! But this time it's only because she acts like a wh0re. Or get completely naked except for a catcher's mask? Because she stands by her multi-million dollar contract! While Kobe was on trial for a flagrant foul while "taking it to the hole" with some skanky white chick in Denver, his young wife supported him. Of course Kobe had to sell his NBA Championship ring to buy her a diamond ring the size of the former U.

I mean, she's posing while j3rking off a baseball bat! Or threaten to have sex with every single member of her husband's team.

That's why you can roll up and impress her with your rugged good looks, killer physique, large bank account, and your fame. Watch my helpful and hilarious Expert Dating Advice videos!

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