Updating european cabinets

A European style cabinet refers to a frameless cabinet style.

Such cabinets usually consist of manmade materials like plywood or particle board.

Frameless cabinets give you the benefit of full access to the inside of the cabinet because there is no front frame blocking you.

You need to employ a particular strategy when painting such cabinets, or else the paint won't stick.

Home Home and Auto Home Repair Kitchens Kitchen Update I have an 80s style kitchen with white melamine cupboards and light oak trim. I can't afford to get new cupboards, so I would like to do something with paint or hardware.

I want to update the look, but I don't have a clue what to do.

Sandi Absolutely paint the cupboards, but talk with the hardware store first.

I know that you have to clean the finish, and apply a primer.

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