Updating files in pclinux

You can connect to a library on a Share Point site by using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and browse, edit, and even search the files.

After you connect your Share Point library to Outlook, you can work with the files on your hard disk, even when you are away from the office.

If you frequently use Outlook to manage your information, you may prefer to work with files from your Share Point library directly in Office Outlook 2007 instead of in a Web browser.

For example, you might be responding to e-mail and then need to refer to some team guidelines on your Share Point site.

If you have connected your Share Point library to Outlook, you can browse for and view the file just as you would an e-mail message, without leaving Outlook. You can arrange and sort the view of a Share Point library in different ways in Outlook 2007. The red arrow appears when you are working on a file offline.

You can click it to see more information about the file's status, such as when it was modified.

Another benefit of editing your files from Outlook is that your files are stored on your hard disk while you work on them, which is typically faster than working on a server.

Last modified 01-Mar-2016 03:22