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For geodatabases created since Arc GIS 10.1 and later, the sde.gdb_items table's spatial reference continue to use the GCS_WGS_1984 spatial reference, but use an internal SRID property of 4326 (the common EPSG value).When attempting to modify an object in the geodatabase which inserts a new feature in the sde.gdb_items table or updates an existing feature, Arc GIS mistakenly sets the feature's SRID value to 4326 and not the required SRID value 0.

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The spatial index ensures that all features have the same SRID value.

If an invalid SRID value is set for a feature during an insert or update, the statement encounters the errors ORA-29877, ORA-20085, ORA-06512.

When no spatial index is present, an st_geometry attribute is able to persist features with mixed spatial reference values.

NIM099594 - Oracle errors, ORA-29877, ORA-20085 and ORA-06512 are encountered when attempting to make object schema changes, spatial index changes, add Global IDs, register data as versioned (Register as Versioned tool), or create a raster dataset in Arc Catalog after upgrading certain Arc SDE 10.0 Oracle geodatabases.

The following error message is returned when performing an operation that encounters the bug:"ORA-29877: failed in the execution of the ODCIINDEXUPDATE routine ORA-20085: Insert Spatial Reference SRID 4326 does not match SDE. SHAPE registered Spatial Reference SRID 0ORA-06512: in "SDE. ST_DOMAIN_METHODS", line 2372"This is a critical issue where users are unable to create new feature classes or modify their existing schema after upgrading to Arc GIS 10.1 or higher.

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