dating behaviors in philippines - Updating old interior doors

of our’s, we had no choice but to take on this renovation.Our only challenge was to keep the budget to an absolute minimum.

updating old interior doors-24

First, we started with our bi-fold closet doors because they had just been install 2 years prior and we did not need any to install any trim workon them to improve the looks. You can see the doors were first just plain white as we had mentioned.

The closet doors were in really good shape because they were all new.

As for the other doors, as you can see in the picture just above, they all needed some repair work. After 1 coat of filler and about 1 hour of dry time we sanded the spots with 100 grit sandpaper and applied a second coat of filler to get a really level repair. As for the bi-fold doors, all we did was remove the old wooden door pull and take the door outside to our saw horses.

We began the repair work with my favorite all purpose filler. On all of the doors we choose to use gloss black, Michelle likes the look of the shinny black. Using this paint, it took (1 )can to paint for each closet bi-fold .

This paint sells for around $3.50 per can at our local store.

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