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Subversion is a version control system that allows you to work with other people on a project and switch back easily to every version ever made.It can be used for all kinds of projects like application source code, web sites, even images or just simple text documents.Once you have it all set up and followed all the steps described below, it is easy to handle and a very useful thing – not just for computer geeks.

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It is written primarly for Mac OS X users, but since Subversion itself works the same on all platforms, most of this tutorial should apply to Linux or Windows users, too.

Subversion works by setting up a central repository on a server or local computer that every user connects to and downloads a personal working copy from.

When changes are made to the working copy, they can be uploaded to the repository.

If these changes conflict with changes other people may have uploaded since the last time you updated your working copy, subversion tries to merge these files and solve the conflicts.

I recommend downloading the Subversion Mac OS X package from Collabnet Download and run the installer.

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