Updating the bios hp and compaq 40 and dating

You need to prepare a USB flash disk and another computer that is connected to the Internet (we need to download the BIOS image from HP). Format the USB flash disk’s filesystem to FAT16 on another computer.2. Remove the AC power and battery from the lapttop.5. After the laptop starts short beeping, release Win Key+B.11.

Get the BIOS image from HP’s website (I use F15 version). Select a directory to store the files and you can close the program. The laptop will keep short beeping for about one minute, it will power off itself after recovering the BIOS.

Download the BIOS update file from HP’s website (an exe file). If the laptop keeps long beeping or beeping for more than 3 minutes, the recovery fails, possibly because of the wrong image file or the USB flash disk doesn’t work on the laptop.

Normally power on the laptop after recovering the BIOS and you will see the Compaq logo appearing again.

Disclaimer: I just tested the method in the post with my laptop and am not sure whether it works with one specific model (although it seems work for some others according to the comments).

The method in the post is just one example solution.

Updating the BIOS, also known as "flashing the BIOS," replaces the BIOS firmware.

When completed successfully, a BIOS update can fix or enhance aspects of a computer's performance, or provide support for newly installed hardware.

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