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Any leopard folder icon request can also post below.

Kinda was searching for public, global, earth-like icon but to my surprised couldn't find one! I dont know if it is written on pages before,but for those who are just gettin ".icns"-Icons and not the wanted folderdesign:there are other ways too to solve it but i think one of the easyer is choose the folderdesign you want -exactly what i was looking for. : Joy:if u don't know how to do it, just open the image in anteprima and copy it (cmd+c or in top menu) after select the folder you want to change and in go in information.

Also couldn't find an upload icon, wich could've been a good second choice.

I just installed a clean copy of Snow Leopard but now I don't have permission to access my Time Machine backups, the drive itself shows all the dates of the backups like this:[url] But say when I try to open any given folders inside the backup it says I don't have permission to do so: [url] When I enter Time Machine it shows the folders as empty with the red no access icon on desired folders.

There was so much icon folders missing what i needed after updating icons from tiger to leopard.

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