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Back to Top You must zero reset your Stages Power meter after installation, and we recommend zero resetting once-per-week to keep your meter reading with maximal consistency.

To Zero Reset using your Edge 520: Rotate your Stages Power meter one full revolution to wake the meter, then orient it in the 6 o’clock position, click the ‘Calibrate’ function under the Power sensor profile.

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Tip: To enable an automatic on screen prompt you to perform a zero reset (calibration) every time you connect to your power meter, go to Menu Once-per-second recording.

The Garmin Edge 520 head unit has two data recording options (Smart Recording and 1 Sec.).

The function ‘smart recording’ purposefully drops data packets when the information looks the same in order to save memory space.

Head unit set up can affect the quality of the data captured from your Stages Power meter.

These are the recommended settings used by Stages Power meter staff and athletes.

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