Vegan speed dating berkeley

Later on in the evening I'll structure a short round of casual (and free) speed dating. This group is for SINGLES who are VEGETARIAN or VEGAN.This will be really low-pressure speed-dating just to ensure that everyone in the room has the chance of meeting everyone else of the opposite gender! We also allow non-vegetarian members who are interested in eating less meat.

It was sort of on the pricy side and didn’t do so well in terms of generating matches, but I bet with some tweaks there’d be demand for this sort of thing in any decent-sized city.

What, pray tell, does one wear to a speed dating event for vegetarians, vegans, and the veg-curious searching for their perfect match?

This reporter flirted with donning her son’s “Meat is Murder” T-shirt, which felt a tad obvious and then promptly opted for her typical uniform (jeans, shirt, boots, all sans slogans) and headed to the vegetarian Saturn Café, the site of the meatless speed dating meetup.

Topic: On the Plant-Based Journey: How to Keep Eating Healthfully Through the Holidays Featured Speakers: Lani Muelrath, Author About the event: Haphazard eating and seasonal temptations often start a debilitating feast that can sneak up on you at Halloween and railroad you right into the new year, leaving you de-energized, disheartened, and even driving your weight up.

Looking for ways to stop the landslide into eating oblivion even before it starts?

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