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As I am still incredibly confused about how this works in Germany, and the laws surrounding it, I don’t feel comfortable saying too much about it, except it can be a long and painful process to get a freelance visa.

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Also, I am going to have to get all of this approved by the ausländeramt.

My ausländeramt, I always meet with the same man, has known that I have been seeking employment for the past four months, but has only just now decided to inform me that I might have to go back to the US to get a work visa because I came here on a tourist visa, even though I got this changed to an intern visa twice!

Also, if I am able to impress these two free-lance companies enough to hire me, then I am still going to have to wait almost two months to get this approved by the government before I even start working – that is if they don’t make me go home to get a visa change first.

So my internship at the DAAD has ended and now I am left with the heavy task of figuring out if I will be able to find a job here.

I’m honestly beyond stressed out and wondering if all of this is going to be worth it in the end, and that is if I actually find employment.

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