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Zuckers and the team have been keeping pretty busy of late it would seem, rolling out a whole heap of Facebook changes and – as always – failing to adequately communicate them to users. There are nine of them – but I suspect the title of this article was a bit of a spoiler on that count.

So with the super important responsibility of keeping you lot informed, feast your brains on the new Facebook features I have covered below.

And – more surprisingly – most of them are pretty good (or – at least not excessively annoying/money-grabbing). If you’ve posted comments on behalf of a page you can also edit them. Anyway the other thing to keep in mind is that you can also view all your edits on comments, just in case you decide to go edit crazy and change them 10-20 thousand times. Ok so generally speaking I think we can all agree that I am pretty much THE authority in social media.

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Also, you probably would have already seen me post about this little change that was implemented sometime last week. It’s pretty much the worst EVER when you realise you’ve spelt something wrong and people have already commented after you, making it impossible to correct your mistake without leaving the conversation altogether. You could also abuse this feature to make other people look stupid and/or crazy by changing your comments to something completely unrelated to what they then reply to you in the same thread. Because, I think we all know, we will DEFINITELY want to see these. This handy little feature brought me back down to earth when I noticed it the other day. Essentially when you post photos to your page or profile you will notice Zuckers takes the liberty of sticking them in little rectangles that fit in with the Facebook Timeline format.

Basically what it means is that we can choose from little emoticons in our chat bar. I am not entirely sure when this was introduced, and to be honest I’m too lazy to google it to find out. However the bummer is that sometimes this doesn’t necessarily flatter the photos, even sometimes cutting off important sections. For example, I repositioned this particularly humourous image on my Page the other day so that you could read the most important text. As if Facebook wasn’t stalkerific enough, you can now use a handy feature on your Facebook mobile app (or simply by visiting ) that will display all your Facebook friends who are nearby.

Not really that exciting – and slightly old-school – but at least they aren’t covered in advertising. So I’m not entirely sure this is per se, but I’m guessing if I wasn’t aware of it then probably most of you aren’t too. The good news is you can actually reposition all of them to show the most important parts. Before you start panicking and expecting your ex to start popping up ‘coincidentally’ when you’re at the shops, gym and having dinner at your folks’, Facebook will only display the people who are also logged into this particular feature at the same time.

So what that means is that if you’re not looking for people nearby, no one will be able to see where you are.

This is both a relief but also somewhat makes the service superfluous in my opinion.

Last modified 30-Dec-2015 03:49