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She goes on to explain how she is constantly questioned on how she identifies-gay, straight, or bi- and how she chooses to not acknowledge either three identities but instead define herself simply by who she loves.These folks Sarah speaks of- which include members of the LGBTQ community- criticize, hassle, and are dumbfounded by her refusal to define her sexuality.In the premiere episode where Sarah’s coming out and current relationship came up, Ryan (Sarah’s straight male housemate) asked her “I’m just wondering how you converted”. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at his choice of words!

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The notion that there could only be one gender Sarah is interested in screwing and that she had to choose is one that Ryan shares with many people- gay and straight.

Well, Ryan (and everyone likeminded), sexuality is not a religion!

The experience of intercourse can be a holy, sacred thing, but there are no rules and regulations when it comes to who your heart wants to hump.

I dated men until I was 23, and then only women since then.

Newly single and enjoying this solitude of being, I find myself holding onto “queer” as a sexual identity tighter then ever.

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